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  • Songs of Urban Ecology: Cathedral of M-14 Fugue

    Songs of Urban Ecology: Cathedral of M-14 Fugue

    What spaces around you do you ignore? Stop, Observe, Listen. The Second Song to Urban Ecology, this one was actually begun first. It was originally a photo series that I took in one of my favorite parks, located in Ann Arbor, Michigan. M-14 is an expressway that runs between Ann Arbor and Plymouth, which is […]

  • Bedouin Cocoon: Spring 2001

    Bedouin Cocoon: Spring 2001

    The unexpected places in which surprises happen are the places where invention happens.  Whatever plans I made, the process of creating and performing forced me to push my limits.  Those limits left space for the air to pass, and for others to enter and share in the learning.  This performance did not have a title when I […]

  • Thoughts about home

    Thoughts about home

    When I moved to the Boston area for graduate school, it was surreal. On the way here from Ypsilanti, Michigan, not quite my home town, but very close, I drove through Canada. Not that exotic, I’ve done this road trip a few times in my life, though customs and border enforcement always makes me nervous. […]

  • Cathedrals and Time

    Cathedrals and Time

    Buttresses of the Cathedral of M-14. Nice long walk in Bandemer towards Argo A photo posted by Allida (@hemoracallis) on Apr 15, 2015 at 8:20pm PDT Over the years I have always loved bridges. They have great acoustics. They are beautiful in their way, even the ones that are very boring infrastructure have their moments […]