Adventurous Art

Author: Allida

  • Mahtava: Spectacular Inflatable Art

    Mahtava: Spectacular Inflatable Art

    Mahtava, which is a movable site specific inflatable art installation, is designed to be a show-piece. Tendrils emerge from a pod that seems to breathe, dangling over the central market, moving and changing colors to create joyful fun while the DJ and others jam out.  The process of creating “Mahtava,” which means spectacular or awesome […]

  • Riverway Lullabies

    Riverway Lullabies

    During the summer of 2022, with my schedule shifted from the regular school year, the afternoons felt expansive. I would take my bike and just ride, looking for interesting spaces and people along the Riverway, in Brookline, and along the Esplanade. Having picked up the flute when I began the project, “Songs of Urban Ecology,” […]

  • Emerging Wonder: A Shadow Ballet

    Emerging Wonder: A Shadow Ballet

    Lewis Carroll played with time and scale throughout Alice in Wonderland in order to reframe the quirks of British culture. It’s publication in 1865 coincided with the end of the American Civil War, and despite optimistic framing at the time, vestiges of both British and American culture still contribute to inequitable systems of power. 

  • Breathe: Art Lives in Community

    Breathe: Art Lives in Community

    “This morning I have been pondering a nearly forgotten lesson I learned in high school music. Sometimes in band or choir, music requires players or singers to hold a note longer than they actually can hold a note. In those cases, we were taught to mindfully stagger when we took a breath so the sound […]

  • March Spring Winds

    March Spring Winds

    March Spring Winds is a contemplation on tensions that coincide as seasonal change crashes into human emergence from the pandemic.  Created through a meditative practice on internal ecology, the video consists of a sequential drawn animation combined with an improvisational flute melody to evoke the interplay between complements. As plants sprout and animals emerge from hibernation, […]

  • Looking Back, Looking Forward

    Looking Back, Looking Forward

    Four years ago this weekend, in the midst of concern over the potential for our country to unravel after the 2016 election, I had an opportunity at the last minute to create something at an arts festival in Ypsilanti, Michigan. My head was a mix of fear, worry, protectiveness, hope, connection, and disconnection. Although my […]

  • How to Make: Origami Jumping Frog

    How to Make: Origami Jumping Frog

    In honor of the Partners for Amphibian and Reptile Conservation’s first annual Amphibian Week, I will be publishing two amphibian related activities. Each activity will require about 90 minutes altogether if you do all the parts, and each contains some observation, some playful learning opportunities, and concludes with a Maker project and a chance to […]

  • Songs of Urban Ecology: Cathedral of M-14 Fugue

    Songs of Urban Ecology: Cathedral of M-14 Fugue

    What spaces around you do you ignore? Stop, Observe, Listen. The Second Song to Urban Ecology, this one was actually begun first. It was originally a photo series that I took in one of my favorite parks, located in Ann Arbor, Michigan. M-14 is an expressway that runs between Ann Arbor and Plymouth, which is […]

  • Make it Out of the Ordinary: Pixel Magic

    Make it Out of the Ordinary: Pixel Magic

    Join the #pixelmagicmoon challenge and contribute to our collaborative reIMAGINEd FOOLmoon CommUNITY!

  • Make it Out of the Ordinary: Faux Luminariaux

    Make it Out of the Ordinary: Faux Luminariaux

    This post about making something Out of the Ordinary isthe first of several I will be doing in collaboration with WonderFool Productions as a part of their new initiative, FOOLmoon CommUNITY in which they will enable creative engagement with WonderFool artists both as a response to the current physical isolation, and to deepen and extend […]

  • First Song to Urban Ecology: Jamaicaway Matins

    First Song to Urban Ecology: Jamaicaway Matins

    While natural systems and cities are symbiotic everywhere, there are huge equity gaps across the globe. Higher income areas have more access to open space, and foliage and are therefore more likely to have active and noisy animal populations. There have been many articles about this through the years. One of the most memorable for […]

  • Spring 2001: Meditations and Transformations

    Looking back on these works, they form a through line of spiritual seeking through process. In times like now, where the world is in suspended animation, a dose of specific process and ritual can be helpful. In what ways can I impose order on the simultaneous plodding of too fast and too slow? These fledgling […]

  • How to Make: Shadow Puppet Machine for FOOLmoon Reimagined

    How to Make: Shadow Puppet Machine for FOOLmoon Reimagined

    Join the fun and create a shadow-puppet machine for FOOLmoon Reimagined 2020.

  • Bedouin Cocoon: Spring 2001

    Bedouin Cocoon: Spring 2001

    The unexpected places in which surprises happen are the places where invention happens.  Whatever plans I made, the process of creating and performing forced me to push my limits.  Those limits left space for the air to pass, and for others to enter and share in the learning.  This performance did not have a title when I […]

  • On the Journey: But What About the Leaves

    On the Journey: But What About the Leaves

    When I was visiting my father over winter break, I unearthed documentation of artwork that I did twenty years ago.  It is funny to think of myself as an artist-practitioner for twenty years.  Yet, when I look back at that work it is plain how it connects to my work today, and the red threads in the […]

  • Thoughts about home

    Thoughts about home

    When I moved to the Boston area for graduate school, it was surreal. On the way here from Ypsilanti, Michigan, not quite my home town, but very close, I drove through Canada. Not that exotic, I’ve done this road trip a few times in my life, though customs and border enforcement always makes me nervous. […]