106:365 Maze Fish

106:365 Maze Fish

This drawing is somewhat inspired by my new batiked dress.  Also by the mazes left behind by the Emerald Ash Borer.

Now I’m finally caught up with the drawings I missed.

These last few weeks have been busy busy, and though I love writing down the thoughts that occur to me during these drawings, there just haven’t been very many free moments to do so.

Mazes and labyrinths have always fascinated me.  Finding connections.

The way I learn a city is by stitching together how streets connect to familiar objects.  It is somewhat less exact (in some ways) than creating a map in my mind, but it indicates a different way of getting around.  Once there are enough connections, it is often more accurate.

Spanish friends were always surpirsed that “la guiri” could find her way through Madrileño streets more easily than they could.  In part it was the newness to me.  But in part it was because those Madrid streets that connect to plazas and churches, museums and shops, fit in with the way I like to build connections between things.

093:365 Sunset

093:365 Sunset

Today a colorful motif that might make part of a neat textile pattern. Maybe tomorrow I’ll have time to go do some more Spoonflower designs!

This is just playing with color and lines.

Too tired right now for more writing. Though I do better at doing these in the morning, with more effort and better results devoted to them, there is something nice about finishing the day with a few focused thoughts while Gracie sits next to me and purrs.

080:365 Triads

080:365 Triads

My father has been practicing all week for a choral event at church. It got me thinking about the cubes drawing from yesterday, so today’s drawing is “Triads.”

Beautiful progression of complementary and analagous colors creating a theoretical harmony of colors. Once it started, I thought, this would make a neat motif to go on a piece of cloth, but the bottom corners of the triangles are cut off. Maybe I’ll play with this idea a little more and re-do it.

[Edit: Forgot to tell you that this drawing was in fact done yesterday, and the entry conceived as such, but things being as they are, my computer was hard at work processing data for a massive database, and there wasn’t an ideal moment to interrupt it. Though I’m sure it wouldn’t actually have hurt anything, I’m superstitious about such things and there was plenty of offline work to do.]

056:365 Interweave

056:365 interweave

Again playing with high contrast and weaving/plaid motifs. Interested in how the colors blend, and how they look next to one another. The final inspiration, to remove some color from part of the middle reminds me of the sun peeking through clouds, though the colors are off, so I’m not sure why it does.

That last inspiration, which blurs the threads somewhat and leaves a smoother section might be created by felting those sections. It wouldn’t look exactly the same, but it would create slight blending, and then also a radically different texture. I’m just not sure how well needle-felting would work in this sort of a case. Although it’s acrylic, when I finish the scarf-thing on my loom, I might try it. It will be interesting, if nothing else.