060:365 Gracie on a Summer Evening

060:365 Gracie on a Summer Evening

Here’s a pic from last summer of Gracie surreptitiously pretending to take a bath after chasing a squirrel who dashed away too fast for him to catch. He looked up as if to say, “See, I’m just taking a bath!” Typical feline nonchalance.

Again this is that new recycled toned paper from Strathmore. I’m a big fan of paper that isn’t white, especially with pastels. It has a glow about it that doesn’t come through with white paper, and it makes you look at hue, tone, and color differently. This tan doesn’t hit you over the head, but sets a nice neutral background for achieving that glow. And as you might have guessed, I love environmentally conscious products. Although it doesn’t have as high a percentage of recycled content as some papers, it still has 30%!

Say goodnight Gracie!

This is the Instagram photo that the drawing is based on. Although I like to draw from life, I’m feeling nostalgic for warmer weather. We are still covered under several inches of snow, and though it’s pretty, it’s also wet, cold, and hazardous. Hopefully March will be kinder than February!

047:365 Fever

047:365 Fever

My head is stuffed up, and though I don’t have a fever, it seemed an appropriate title for mindset at the moment.  Weird dreams and restless sleep lead to nebulous thought patterns, and this cool color family blend with a few bright accents here and there.

The sunset today was strange.  I was driving or I would have taken a photo.  To the west, the sun was a huge whitish yellow blob in a field of snowy mist, and behind us, to the east, the clouds were purple, pink, and yellow with bright blue sky.  It was impressive, and though I’m a native Ann Arborite, I have never seen anything quite like it, with such clear boundaries between good and bad weather accentuated by sunset.

046:365 Coffee?!?!

046:365 Coffee?!?

Every morning when the water boils for the coffee; when the thermos with the coffee opens; or when the refrigerator snaps open, Gracie comes and rubs up against your leg and twitches his tail. He loves half-and-half, and he’s smart enough to know the sounds that lead to it’s appearance in his bowl.

I’ve taken some liberties with color to make Gracie stand out more. The carpet in the dining room where we eat is floral, not blue and grey checked tile, but using complementary colors makes him vibrate like his tail.

045:365 Red

045:365 Red

Today is Valentine’s, so here’s a study of warm tones, mostly red.

Red is bright. It draws the eye. It is hot; spicy.

I’ve been under the weather today. I’m not sure what else to say. I love to play with color. This drawing made me feel less foggy-headed, but still worn down. Something more interesting will come tomorrow!

*Doesn’t photograph well. Digital Photography sensors don’t always handle certain colors well, and my iPhone doesn’t do well with either red or blue. May replace the photo tomorrow.