Adventurous Art

Fiber Art

Fascinated by grandmother’s drawings and rag rugs, the abstract expressionism of Sonia Delaunay, and traditional arts from Finland, I made a series of rag-rugs to evoke natural imagery: the sun and the rain.

While living in Spain, I was overwhelmed by the dryness of the land. Having lived in Chicago near Lake Michigan, the arid desert was so different, and I started to draw the Seine while sitting on the banks of a canal near Gare du Nord. These became abstract images that I have printed on cloth and have worked into a few designs.

In the fall of 2016, I curated a show that featured teaching artists from FLY. During the honey-bee festival. My own contribution was a giant walk-in honeycomb installation constructed out of fabric so that visitors could walk into it and be engulfed in texture.

In the fall of 2019, I did an experimental limited engagement to get feedback on a new project that will combine theatre, digital projection, fiber art and participation called In-Between Thoughts.