106:365 Maze Fish

106:365 Maze Fish

This drawing is somewhat inspired by my new batiked dress.  Also by the mazes left behind by the Emerald Ash Borer.

Now I’m finally caught up with the drawings I missed.

These last few weeks have been busy busy, and though I love writing down the thoughts that occur to me during these drawings, there just haven’t been very many free moments to do so.

Mazes and labyrinths have always fascinated me.  Finding connections.

The way I learn a city is by stitching together how streets connect to familiar objects.  It is somewhat less exact (in some ways) than creating a map in my mind, but it indicates a different way of getting around.  Once there are enough connections, it is often more accurate.

Spanish friends were always surpirsed that “la guiri” could find her way through Madrileño streets more easily than they could.  In part it was the newness to me.  But in part it was because those Madrid streets that connect to plazas and churches, museums and shops, fit in with the way I like to build connections between things.

101:365 Sunbather, AKA back-tracking

101:365 Sunbather, aka Backtracking

Everyone stumbles sometimes. The last few days, my routine has changed, and with it, my drawings have fallen behind. That isn’t to say that I won’t catch up… Tomorrow I plan on doing a triptych or well a series of 3 drawings.

This is based on an afternoon of warm sunbathing with Gracie. The shadows were so pretty with the orange cat and the amaryllis and easter lily shadows.

Events of significance: A new table, a new employment, and a new garment rack for my clothes. My little basement studio is looking homey.

EXCEPT, I entered my rag-rug in a contest, so the floor feels bare. If you are in the Ann Arbor area, go vote for my rug at Recycle Ann Arbor on Earthday, or thereabouts (Public voting is between 4/22-5/9). Wish me luck!

100:365 Watched Pot

100:365 Watched Pot

Gracie and I waiting for the pot to boil so we can have “coffee.” Also known as half-and-half for Gracie, who is a cat and should not have coffee.

Although my mother would give me iced coffee as a treat sometimes in the summer, it was never a daily staple for me until I moved to Spain. With warm milk, coffee is delicious, and that’s how they served it during the morning merienda (snack time, for lack of a better translation). At first I would drink mostly milk, but slowly, drinking coffee became a ritual.

Now, I drink all kinds of coffee, and am even considering buying myself a little tinned-copper pot to make “Turkish” coffee. I put it in quotes because many Mediterranean countries title the sweet cardamom-infused mixture variously as their own.

Anyway, with Spring approaching Gracie and I are watching not only the pot for coffee, but the weather, plants, and animals with anticipation.

097:365 Glow

097:365 Glow

Sometimes just creating a harmony of color or sound is the most pleasing, so this evening, to clear my head, I played with a symphony of color emanating from a central point.

So often I draw with contrast, but sometimes smooth transition is more powerful.

096:365 Stomata

096:365 Stomata

I was doodling and this weird shape came out, but it reminds me of those drawings from Biology of the anatomy of leaves.

Spring flowers are popping up in random spots around the yard. It’s lovely. Flowers are so wonderful!

This has been a very long week, and this is yesterday’s drawing and it’s already tomorrow!