Adventurous Art

Category: Studio

  • Contrapposto Cantilevers

    Much like we like to take pictures and make sculptures of each other, the Egyptians tried to portray the human figure in sculpture and paint.  See this example below, which is in the Metropolitan Museum of New York, AKA the Met.  She is tall and slim, with great posture and huge eyes. QUESTION: What words […]

  • Creative Universe Summer Series

    Today was the first day of our Saturday morning series. Christine did Triangles with Art Play (a class designed for pre-school) from 9:00am to 10:00, and then I came in to do M. C. Escher, patterns and tesselations. We re-named Mad Science to Creative Universe since we look at the universality of Art to help […]

  • Mad Science: Calder; Mobiles and Paper

    What do you think of kinetic art?  Does it sound complicated and hard?  It’s not, it is just a fancy way of saying “Art that moves.”   This last week at Mad Science Saturday we explored motion and balance looking at the kinetic art of Alexander Calder. To make this project, our young renaissance artists […]