106:365 Maze Fish

106:365 Maze Fish

This drawing is somewhat inspired by my new batiked dress.  Also by the mazes left behind by the Emerald Ash Borer.

Now I’m finally caught up with the drawings I missed.

These last few weeks have been busy busy, and though I love writing down the thoughts that occur to me during these drawings, there just haven’t been very many free moments to do so.

Mazes and labyrinths have always fascinated me.  Finding connections.

The way I learn a city is by stitching together how streets connect to familiar objects.  It is somewhat less exact (in some ways) than creating a map in my mind, but it indicates a different way of getting around.  Once there are enough connections, it is often more accurate.

Spanish friends were always surpirsed that “la guiri” could find her way through Madrileño streets more easily than they could.  In part it was the newness to me.  But in part it was because those Madrid streets that connect to plazas and churches, museums and shops, fit in with the way I like to build connections between things.

082:365 Pineapple Upside-down Cat

082:365 Pineapple Upside-down Cat

Another busy day. Today was run run run! That’s great, but it means that my drawing feels slapped together to me.

Around lunchtime, I came home to find Mikey looking dead sleeping on the green chair. He was breathing, but his eyes were glazed over and his head and paws looked unnaturally bent, and he didn’t move as he looked at me, except the faintest trace of his kitty-pupils.

But since most of the drawings I do are of Gracie, I drew Gracie in the same position. Maybe tomorrow I’ll try a really observed version of this. We’ll see, tomorrow is running around too! At least I’m busy!

076:365 Rocker with Quilt

076:365 Rocking Chair with Quilt

Today was productive, got up early, did what needed to be done, about 20 minutes ago, that I’d forgotten to do my drawing.
076:365 Rocking Chair with Quilt

Gracie and I are already sitting in bed reading and relaxing, so I just looked across the room and sketched the rocking chair.

Sometimes the quickies are the best, and though it is just a gestural sketch, I like it a lot. Doing this kind of line work keeps me on my toes, and I noticed that I’m out of practice with observation. Maybe because I’ve been doing so much fiber and textile work instead of drawing and printmaking for the last period of time. Nevertheless, it is recognizable.

Rocking chairs are nice, and though their wood looks hard and uncomfortable, usually I find them to be engineered right to beat least comfy, if not also ergonomic.

This one, though it isn’t most beautiful one I’ve ever had, filled the need at the time it came up. I had been looking for a rocking chair, since I missed my LA rocker, and kept finding them for $75-$300. Well, at the moment that sounds like more than I can direct to a chair.

Then I went to a thrift store, on a mission to get myself some sheets for the rag rug, and found not only this rocker ($12.90!) but a gorgeous colorful sweater ($2.90!).  Of course I got some sheets too.


062:365 Gracie with Scarf

Today at dinner, Gracie leaned over, reached out, and hit his paw on the table; a big kitty no-no. So we tied the napkin to his head and I snapped some photos and then gave him some crunchers.

He looked very annoyed about the scarf, but proceeded to happily much dry cat food when it was in his dish, so I guess he’ll forgive us!

059:365 Swoosh

059:365 Swoosh
This is the other color of the new Strathmore recycled sketch in toned paper. Tan.

It’s just a nice color, but I wanted to use more neutral colors. By this point, even with the few drawings that you’ve seen so far, you probably know that I love bright colors though, and I couldn’t resist putting in a spattering of yellow.

This morning I woke up plenty early. I should have done the drawing then. Instead, I worked on some knitting projects. So this drawing is just play, not something in particular.

Even so, I like it. It’s dynamics and color, but the toned paper lets me feel like I can leave some paper-texture showing, creating some depth to the colors.

Tomorrow I think I’ll do a Gracie drawing on this paper. Orange and brown and green on this paper should be nice!