101:365 Sunbather, AKA back-tracking

101:365 Sunbather, aka Backtracking

Everyone stumbles sometimes. The last few days, my routine has changed, and with it, my drawings have fallen behind. That isn’t to say that I won’t catch up… Tomorrow I plan on doing a triptych or well a series of 3 drawings.

This is based on an afternoon of warm sunbathing with Gracie. The shadows were so pretty with the orange cat and the amaryllis and easter lily shadows.

Events of significance: A new table, a new employment, and a new garment rack for my clothes. My little basement studio is looking homey.

EXCEPT, I entered my rag-rug in a contest, so the floor feels bare. If you are in the Ann Arbor area, go vote for my rug at Recycle Ann Arbor on Earthday, or thereabouts (Public voting is between 4/22-5/9). Wish me luck!

100:365 Watched Pot

100:365 Watched Pot

Gracie and I waiting for the pot to boil so we can have “coffee.” Also known as half-and-half for Gracie, who is a cat and should not have coffee.

Although my mother would give me iced coffee as a treat sometimes in the summer, it was never a daily staple for me until I moved to Spain. With warm milk, coffee is delicious, and that’s how they served it during the morning merienda (snack time, for lack of a better translation). At first I would drink mostly milk, but slowly, drinking coffee became a ritual.

Now, I drink all kinds of coffee, and am even considering buying myself a little tinned-copper pot to make “Turkish” coffee. I put it in quotes because many Mediterranean countries title the sweet cardamom-infused mixture variously as their own.

Anyway, with Spring approaching Gracie and I are watching not only the pot for coffee, but the weather, plants, and animals with anticipation.

086:365 Gracie as the Cadbury Bunny

086:365 Gracie as the Cadbury Bunny

Gracie examines my costume design for him. He is not amused.

When I was a kid, the Cadbury Creme Eggs were my favorite! I would wait patiently for Easter, hunt for my baskets, and promptly devour as many of them as I was allowed.  It should be noted that I would also wait patiently for Passover so I could eat charoset, and my birthday to eat cake,  Purim so I could eat hamantaschen, and Christmas so I could eat gingerbread.

The ads for the Cadbury Bunny Auditions were so cute. I can just picture Gracie plodding on screen and crying, “Maaaah!” as they try to coach him to cluck like a chicken.

What sorts of sweets and sweet-centered traditions did you grow up with?

087:365 Sleepy-eyed Gracie!

087:365 Sleepy-eyed Gracie!
This evening a slightly cartoonish Gracie and I as we drift off to sleep. The colors are brightened. For some reason I like this orange blue yellow mix that I’ve been using a lot. Maybe the springy light is inspiring me.

Dreams lately have been wild, both good and bad. Last night I was on an adventure that I didn’t want to wake up from, but woke up at 5:00AM petrified that it was already 8:30AM. My weekend alarm has not been reset to go off automatically though it has been months that the weekend is my early-to-rise time.

Gracie is impatiently washing his face, hinting that the covers call. Good night!

082:365 Pineapple Upside-down Cat

082:365 Pineapple Upside-down Cat

Another busy day. Today was run run run! That’s great, but it means that my drawing feels slapped together to me.

Around lunchtime, I came home to find Mikey looking dead sleeping on the green chair. He was breathing, but his eyes were glazed over and his head and paws looked unnaturally bent, and he didn’t move as he looked at me, except the faintest trace of his kitty-pupils.

But since most of the drawings I do are of Gracie, I drew Gracie in the same position. Maybe tomorrow I’ll try a really observed version of this. We’ll see, tomorrow is running around too! At least I’m busy!