036:365 Big Ginger Boyfriend!

036:365 Big Ginger Boyfriend

1/10th of the way there!

Here’s Gracie!

It was a weird day today, mostly productive, cold, snowy, sunny. A little of everything. This drawing is a bit “generalized” for my usual style, but it does feel like him. Gracie staring at me, wanting attention. I didn’t get him right, but I’m having trouble doing this narrative thing.

Many years ago, upon finding a fascination with pattern, I started making abstract work, and have since had trouble liking my figurative work. That’s not to say that I don’t do any, but it pushes at my boundaries. Something I’m doing a lot of lately, but a bit uncomfortable nonetheless.

It is not, however very narrative. A single frame can tell a story, but his little crossed paws don’t come across yet. Art is about exploration and trying different things. Maybe I’ll do another portrait of him tomorrow.

034:365 Investigator

034:365 Investigator by allida
034:365 Investigator, a photo by allida on Flickr.

Today a re-draw of “Stretch,” because I’m thinking about what comes next on my rag rug.

I’m working through a 4″ strip of back and forth blocks. It’s almost done and I’m not sure what comes next. I’m thinking more bands of concentric circles to frame it but I’m not sure what colors yet.

033:365 Fast as Lightening

033:365 Fast as Lightening

Another Gracie Comic.  Don’t you just love when the cat says, “Let me out NOW!” then makes you stand in the door for awhile before turning and fleeing the snowflakes!  He looks disappointed when he finally comes and settles on the chair, but I suspect it is because he wants attention.

For some reason today, my head is full of ideas and images and I’m having trouble writing any of them in words.  Maybe I’ll do another drawing, or just work on my rag-rug (and the second one I’ve started).

I’m going to go to an art-opening this evening at a local gallery that I hadn’t heard of until this week. No idea what kind of art, or anything, but going places to meet other artists is probably something I should be doing. Welcome to Ypsilanti!

032:365 Dreaming of Electric Mice

032:365 Dreaming of Electric Mice

Since my first Gracie narrative was so popular, I decided to do another one. Here’s our gender-identity confused cat, Gracie, asleep on my bed dreaming of his afternoon while I take a picture of him with the iPad and then set up an iterative one-liner.

"Goodnight, Gracie!"

In every cat’s dream, there is a cat dreaming, of a cat dreaming, of a cat dreaming…!

030:365 Trickery

030:365 Trickery!

Today, some narrative. This is a re-make of a photo collage I did awhile back of Gracie following me out of the yard, and then getting annoyed when I closed him outside. He did his little “M-a-ow” noise and in the end, I went back out of the yard and picked him up because he looked so pitiful.

The Great Escape!

I’m thinking about doing a children’s book. This won’t be it, but the idea that I should practice illustrating narratives came into my head, and here you are.

Someone recently asked me if I thought pets had souls. When you see how they react to being tricked, much the way a person would, it is hard to say that they do not.