Flickr Follow Friday

Well, I’ve seen lots of people doing this, and I really like discovering photos that I wouldn’t otherwise see.  Flickr’s Explore is good, but with the volume of photos around, you never see everything you know is good out there.  Some of these photos I found through Explore, which I guess I’ll consider to be cheating after this week.  From now on, my plan is to do contacts of contacts, or current contacts _only_


2011-09-16 Flickr Follow Friday Mosaic


1. Man Has Hands To Create Beauty……., 2. Untitled, 3. P, 4. love bite, 5. inside the wind, the ocean, the universe, 6. Balloons, 7. Day 229, 8. Oggi…niente titoli (Untitled), 9. Farver/striber, 10. River rocks – Glacier National Park, 11. stairs and railing, 12. 170/365., 13. Hastings graffiti & street art – The Hastings Moths project – Reverse graffiti – by Paul ‘ Moose ‘ Curtis It’s funny how, when you don’t even realize you are working towards some theme, you end up with one.  All of these photos have a certain blurry and dynamic sense of color and pattern.  I don’t mean the photos are blurry, although a couple of them are intentionally blurry.  I mean that there is a feeling of permeable boundary in them.  Something about their composition makes you want to go into them.  Or make up a story.  Or something. Anyway.  That’s my first Flickr Follow Friday.  I should do some more FF, but I’m not sure I entirely understand how it works.  Twitter is so overwhelming.  TOO MUCH INFORMATION… and not just in the sense of sometimes it’s TMI what people post… There’s just too many posts to sort through, and unless you have a set-up for it, there isn’t enough limitation for it to make any sense at all.  BY set up I mean a client, or a browser designed for Twitter like Flipboard on the iPad or Paper.Li on a regular computer.

Product Photography

As a part of the graphics work that has fallen in my lap lately, I took some product photos.  It was really fun.  I’m thinking now that the major photos are out of the way, I’ll create a little diorama for the website to go on its splash page.  For the moment I’ve just done the print work for them, but as soon as I have the website ready, I’ll post it here.  It should be fun.


Also, who doesn’t love TINY TREES!!!!!!

I only posted the one photo over on Flickr since these guys already have a home, but once I’ve got time to do the diorama, maybe there’ll be more!

Getting the setup to work for all the different products (little trees, texture sheets, scale people, rocks, fluffy stuff) was an adventure.

Fortunately the trees are small so a couple yards of tightly woven easy to clean polyester material draped along my wall worked well.  I used the same stuff later as a backdrop for some drawings that I shot outside.  Since I don’t have a fancy screen or roll-up to use, I used sticky tack– gummy white UHU– to pin the fabric onto the wall in the corner by my white-paper-covered desk.  I grabbed as many lights as I could and opened the door to let in light.  Even still, a tripod setup was necessary.  At first I used the bigger one I have, but eventually (an advantage of a point and shoot camera) I switched to the tiny pen sized one to get closer to the models.

Once I had the lighting and backdrop set up, I had to make sure to keep everything clean.  Each of those little trees sheds lint like nobody’s business.  Then the people wouldn’t stand up on their own (enter some good old white UHU tac), and some of the fluffy stuff was so powdery it wouldn’t stay put.

All in all I learned a lot and had fun.  I’d love to do more product photography.  Since I’ve done a bunch of time-lapse stuff, keeping exposures and framing right (and readjusting it where needed) was something I’d already honed in on.  Maybe my next video project will be a “clean room” stop animation with some little animals and these little trees.  It would look nice on their website.  We’ll see.