060:365 Gracie on a Summer Evening

060:365 Gracie on a Summer Evening

Here’s a pic from last summer of Gracie surreptitiously pretending to take a bath after chasing a squirrel who dashed away too fast for him to catch. He looked up as if to say, “See, I’m just taking a bath!” Typical feline nonchalance.

Again this is that new recycled toned paper from Strathmore. I’m a big fan of paper that isn’t white, especially with pastels. It has a glow about it that doesn’t come through with white paper, and it makes you look at hue, tone, and color differently. This tan doesn’t hit you over the head, but sets a nice neutral background for achieving that glow. And as you might have guessed, I love environmentally conscious products. Although it doesn’t have as high a percentage of recycled content as some papers, it still has 30%!

Say goodnight Gracie!

This is the Instagram photo that the drawing is based on. Although I like to draw from life, I’m feeling nostalgic for warmer weather. We are still covered under several inches of snow, and though it’s pretty, it’s also wet, cold, and hazardous. Hopefully March will be kinder than February!

057:365 Goodnight Gracie

057:365 Goodnight Gracie #adrawingaday #catagram by allida
057:365 Goodnight Gracie #adrawingaday #catagram, a photo by allida on Flickr.

Today was stormy, wet, yucky, and VERY busy, so here’s a quick sketch of Gracie.

Gracie got his name because she was a backyard cat who showed up in the summer, and every night my parents would toss her out every night saying, “Say, ‘Goodnight, Gracie!'” Then winter came and my mother took him to the vet because she was so pitiful looking in the snow and cold.

Turns out she, like 99% of orange cats, was actually a “fixed” tomcat. So Gracie is our favorite Drag Queen with slightly confused gender issues. I contend that Gracie actually knows he is a boy, but likes to “Cross-Dress” and play the girl sometimes. But who knows, he/she is a cat and can’t really tell us.

Anyway, Gracie is waiting patiently for me, and so is my cup of tea.

054:365 Hold On!

Drawing and Photo of GracieToday another one of Gracie, this time done in pencil. Gracie likes to hold hands. He’s the only cat I’ve ever known that will grab my hand, hold onto it, and not let go. Sometimes he even “kisses” it like a dog would. Cat’s tongues are a lot scratchier than dog’s though. Some mornings, he doesn’t want me to leave and will grab my hand every time I try to get out of bed. Other times he’s up already trying to get “coffee” from someone else.

To make the subject clearer than the photo, the background has been simplified and edited, and the sweatshirt textured a little more to look like a sweater so that it doesn’t blend in with the chair.

Although I’m pretty good at photo-realistic drawing, somehow portraits never turn out as lively as their subjects, or even as a photo of the subject (if I’m drawing from a photo).  Perhaps it’s because wearing my costume hat for figure drawing, I try to document clothing and makeup details rather than trying to draw portraits.  Anyway, all things considered, Gracie doesn’t look half bad in this drawing, a little stiffer, but pretty relaxed.  I got the angle on his head a bit wrong.  This is the first cat drawing that I’ve done in a long time that tried to literally depict rather than caricature, so I guess it makes me a little proud!

046:365 Coffee?!?!

046:365 Coffee?!?

Every morning when the water boils for the coffee; when the thermos with the coffee opens; or when the refrigerator snaps open, Gracie comes and rubs up against your leg and twitches his tail. He loves half-and-half, and he’s smart enough to know the sounds that lead to it’s appearance in his bowl.

I’ve taken some liberties with color to make Gracie stand out more. The carpet in the dining room where we eat is floral, not blue and grey checked tile, but using complementary colors makes him vibrate like his tail.