025:365 Ways of Being

Ways of Being 025:365

Even though I haven’t finished my first rag rug, I’m planning another. The first one I intend to keep, but the next one I plan on selling.

This drawing represents the idea, using similar colors, that I want to try, using the texture of the threads (rags) to create a forms. This yellow and the pink are the most similar colors I have in oil-pastel, but I’m thinking colors that are even closer. Maybe two or three reds, or just white, cream, and off-white sheets.

Incidentally as the drawing progressed, I liked the way the lines created arrows, directing the view left, right, up and down. These in turn made me think about the icky snowy day today and how many near-misses I saw as people drove in their usual overly assertive ways. I’m pretty good in the snow, now that I remember what I’m doing, and people would zoom around me only to careen and fish-tail ahead of me.

There are so many different ways of living and moving through the world. We leave an impression on the world as we go through it, much like the fibers in the rag-rug or the tracks of cars through the snow.

The slippery bits aren’t the lanes, where people have gone before, creating an easier path. The parts that slide beneath the wheels are the places between the tire treads, where slush builds up between the lines, damp and icy, but impossible to avoid when changing lanes or turning.

We tend to ignore things that are not explicit, the things in our lives that are between the lines, but really, those places we seldom tread, where nobody goes, are the most complex to navigate.

022:365 Rainstorm

Rainstorm 022:365

It is the coldest day I’ve experienced in a long time. Colder than Helsinki in Ann Arbor this morning. Maybe this drawing is wishful thinking, because there won’t be any sheets of rain falling from the sky for awhile.

The sunrise this morning was lovely, pink and blue, it was probably part of the inspiration too.

Sunrise Packard & Hewitt

018:365 Kite

Rag rug and Feet

Today, the drawing sort of took over the paper and went off the edge. It is getting colder, the way I remember it being when I was a kid, so maybe cabin fever is setting in. Actually that doesn’t make sense because all I really want to do is keep making my rug in my nice cozy basement studio.

Kite 018:365

It started with doodles that I hoped would look a bit like quilts made of pen hashes, and then slowly became more organic, with the kite you see here as the result.

Phew! Posting in just under the wire. Lots to do today, and it feels good to be busy! New crochet-ed rag project on hand, though not a rug!

005:365 Kites

Kites 005:365


Another piece-work inspired piece.  More Vernal, perhaps wishful thinking on my part.  I do wish it were a tad warmer!

In this piece I wanted to evoke hopefulness and ascendency.  The triangles go upwards and to the right, as if lofted on the wind.  Watching kites always gives me hope, and for some reason this morning optimisim has awakened in me.

Having lived in warm(er) climates the past several years, it surprises me how quickly my body has adjusted to weather always being below freezing.  I haven’t forgotten how to drive in snow, nor am I surprised when the coldest days are bright and sunny.

The feeling of seasonal change is something that I’ve missed.  Having a sense of what happens when and how long the hardships of cold winter will last before the new spring sprouts helps me keep track of time.  It also reminds me more concretely of cycles in my own life.  That time to lay fallow is healthy, a part of renewal: that soon, despite my fears to the contrary, the feeling of stasis while I re-align and set things in motion anew is coming to fruition.

Edit: 12:42 pm EST: As Yesterday, now a spoonflower design