Birthday Present

Full-Circle Bi-color Reversible Wrap Dress

Full-Circle Bi-color Reversible Wrap Dress
This is a dress I made for my friend Upsidedownasusual who lives in New York, she just caught up with me in years this Sunday, and though I’m late it’s her birthday present.  Hopefully, when she gets it, she’ll send me a picture as it is too small for me to put on to show you.  She is a dancer and circus artist, and so I made it flowier and fuller than the original.  Each half is a full circle!  An option that I think I’ll offer, because draped loosely on me, it looks great!

Happy (belated) Birthday Upsidedownasusual!

Neverending Dress

This dress can be wrapped a multitude of ways.

[flickr-gallery mode="photoset" photoset="72157627594140123"]

As you can see, this adds to my latest obsession with dresses and skirts that wrap.  This one is so versatile that it can be worn any way you can come up with.  The photos above, watched in slide show, show the way to wrap it one of many ways.

Available in some prints, navy, grey, or lime green at the moment.


Red & Grey Flared Tee

Red & Grey Flare I

Red & Grey Flare II

Red & Grey Flare III

This is an up-cycled Tee inspired by the latest trends in color blocks and 1980’s industrial design color schemes.  Seeing a photo of something from one of this weeks runway shows with a colored pleat, I remembered a halloween costume my mom made me as a kid that had silk scarves in the gores.  Maybe I’ll make a costume like that for halloween this year!