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2011-10-13 Flickr Follow Friday
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This week I seem to have gone for bright colors and strong lines!  Enjoy!

The Stories We Tell

Although I’m trying to keep this blog focused narrowly on art and process, it is the time of year that I am prone to do soul-searching, and paying attention to what is going on in this country and the world, some things that people have said to encourage me have floated to the surface as relevant both to the polemical political situation we find ourselves in and to the process of emerging artistically.


The other day I was feeling very discouraged about the validity of the work that I do.  After months of searching for a creative and fulfilling job that pays the bills without luck, I was beginning to wonder how I could do any job, creative or not.

How could I transmit all of my skills and talents through the sieve of resumés and cover letters to reach the ear of some person willing to risk meeting me for a half-hour?  On paper I didn’t look so good to myself.  And I know how many companies– big and small– are using computerized algorithms to search for mysterious keywords that one needs ESP to divine.

Eventually I realized that the crux of the matter was that I didn’t feel like any of my multiple talents would be valued.

During all of this struggle, H has been very supportive.  In fact it is something he said to me that broke the stream of negativity.  He said, “You have to change the story that you tell about yourself.”

It made me realize that I was trying to tell my own life to by comparing myself to the perceived values of those robotic algorithms and it made me fall short, even in my own eyes.  Instead of seeing that while attending two prominent universities I was working full-time and still able to participate in the art community, and in gallery shows, I saw a non-traditional education and a dead-end job.  Instead of seeing that I am brave and talented enough to live and teach for four years in Spain, I saw that those years were in a different field than the one I want to continue in now, and so they were lost.

It is the same mistake that many of us make, and the same mistake that we are making as a country.

We are letting our new abilities to harness technology make us forget that each person has a story.  We are letting the big corporations create the premise of our nation’s story.  Their premise is that because a penny saved is a penny earned, we need to keep cutting costs by any means necessary.  Their premise is that because they make more money they are worth more than you or me.

H was talking about the attitude towards food in France v. in the USA.  He got it from a book by Clotaire Rapaille, who is a French psychologist and market-researcher.  According to this book, Americans view food as fuel, so more food is better because it fills us up.  In France, food is viewed as a central social and cultural focus of the day.  It is viewed as art, and valued for its place in culture.  Quality not quantity counts.

We view work, choices, test-scores, exercise, housing, cars, and many other things as if more, bigger, higher, and faster is always better.

Even in the banking crisis, those giant banks were “too big to fail.”  We couldn’t let them fail because we can’t imagine another solution.

Because we as a nation tell the story of “More is better,” so often, we don’t even realize it, and it is becoming the downfall of our country.

I’m not sure what our new story should be, but we need to find a new direction or we are going to fall-short, use-up, and break-down.

By changing the way I hear and tell my own story at least, I have found a job doing something I love!  Let’s hope our nation can change it’s story too.

Flickr Follow Friday 2011-09-23


Somehow it always seems I end up with a theme without meaning to.  I guess it’s because this week I was working with trying to develop a design (which I’ll post about later in the day) that has both curvy and spiky images in it.

Enjoy these lovely photos, and maybe you too will find some new contacts worth having on Flickr!