Red & Grey Flared Tee

Red & Grey Flare I

Red & Grey Flare II

Red & Grey Flare III

This is an up-cycled Tee inspired by the latest trends in color blocks and 1980’s industrial design color schemes.  Seeing a photo of something from one of this weeks runway shows with a colored pleat, I remembered a halloween costume my mom made me as a kid that had silk scarves in the gores.  Maybe I’ll make a costume like that for halloween this year!


In the works


Turquoise Crochet Washer Lariat
First prototype of the Lariat... newer versions lay flatter.

The other day I was thinking about Flamenco skirts.  They are full because they have extra gores in them, which makes them super flowy and rippled.  In a way they are a play on a circular fractal.  So I’ve been working on a square fractal skirt.

The “Egyptian” collars I’ve been making are fun, and I’ll keep making some, but I’ve come up with a new crochet-washer necklace design in the form of a lariat, and a bracelet with graduated loops.  It will be good to expand the designs for those.

Also, I’ve been doing some re-mixed tee shirts with cut and sew technology.  Photos of the different models over the next few days.  So far there are three new shirt models, one of which might also make a nice dress with extra shirts added.

Someone on Facebook suggested a wolverine when I was making stuffed animals (see the turtles!).  So along the same lines, I’m going to make some team-colored stuffed mascots and some dog-tees of various kinds.  I’m thinking for LA if I can find sport team shirts to recycle, those will make a good start to get the idea across.  Also maybe something non-sports related like a Harley dog tee, or some band shirts.