106:365 Maze Fish

106:365 Maze Fish

This drawing is somewhat inspired by my new batiked dress.  Also by the mazes left behind by the Emerald Ash Borer.

Now I’m finally caught up with the drawings I missed.

These last few weeks have been busy busy, and though I love writing down the thoughts that occur to me during these drawings, there just haven’t been very many free moments to do so.

Mazes and labyrinths have always fascinated me.  Finding connections.

The way I learn a city is by stitching together how streets connect to familiar objects.  It is somewhat less exact (in some ways) than creating a map in my mind, but it indicates a different way of getting around.  Once there are enough connections, it is often more accurate.

Spanish friends were always surpirsed that “la guiri” could find her way through Madrileño streets more easily than they could.  In part it was the newness to me.  But in part it was because those Madrid streets that connect to plazas and churches, museums and shops, fit in with the way I like to build connections between things.


050:365 Lamp Design

This is an idea that’s been bouncing around in my head for awhile: to use scraps from a local recycle-reuse art center to make a lampshade. Colorful, like a tiffany shade, but made using fiber techniques, either weaving or crochet.

Also playing with reduction on the sketch. A lot of the image is created by coloring and then scraping off the oil pastel from the drawing surface.

021:365 This Way & That

pen and ink drawing in purple, orange and blue squigglesThis drawing is inspired by a combination of things.

Over time my work has become process oriented, meaning that I draw in an order and with a direction to create something that can be viewed as a series of events as well as an end product. Many of the oil-pastel drawings from the last several years were used to create time-lapse or stop-motion animations of ebb and flow.

Some of that orientation to process comes from my passion for fiber and structures that connect and go together in a logical way. The latest big project that I’m working on (the rag rug) is an example of that tendency. Each ring is executed in its own way with transition to, or contrast with the next one. There are rules that each ring follows that create the overall harmony for the piece.

Stretch! #ragrug progress with #cat for scale #catagram #crochet #craft

Today, instead of using a radial pattern, the sketch uses a variety of directional squiggles to portray how one would use texture to create a visual rhythm.  Complementary colors are used intermittently with analogous colors to add to the tension and flow of the piece.  I’m thinking about using it for another rag-rug when I’m done with my current one.  It is based somewhat on 004:365 Quilt:

Quilt 004:365

Absent, but Busy

Progress Shot for Greek Mask pattern.

Though I haven’t been posting about it so much, this last two weeks has been busy busy busy:

I’ve updated one of the websites I design, including some new pictures that I wrote about!  That isn’t quite done, but I’m so excited about how it is progressing that I wanted to share.

And, in order to make more friends on Spoonflower, and to challenge myself I entered their “Root Vegetables” contest this week using my progress shots from Making Moroccan Carrot Salad for Rosh Hashanah.

Go vote for me 😉
Carrot Plaid


There’s also a bunch more designs up in my “shop,” though none of them are for sale yet.  I’m sort of disappointed with that.  Firstly, though probably wisely, they make you print swatches of things (5 bucks a pop is a lot when you’re BROKE) before you can sell them, and secondly, my first round of swatches got lost in the mail.  They’re sending me a second copy.  Hope it comes soon!
Breakwater 4mr

Lake Horizon Stripes

Glow Fir

Neverending Dress

This dress can be wrapped a multitude of ways.

[flickr-gallery mode="photoset" photoset="72157627594140123"]

As you can see, this adds to my latest obsession with dresses and skirts that wrap.  This one is so versatile that it can be worn any way you can come up with.  The photos above, watched in slide show, show the way to wrap it one of many ways.

Available in some prints, navy, grey, or lime green at the moment.