046:365 Coffee?!?!

046:365 Coffee?!?

Every morning when the water boils for the coffee; when the thermos with the coffee opens; or when the refrigerator snaps open, Gracie comes and rubs up against your leg and twitches his tail. He loves half-and-half, and he’s smart enough to know the sounds that lead to it’s appearance in his bowl.

I’ve taken some liberties with color to make Gracie stand out more. The carpet in the dining room where we eat is floral, not blue and grey checked tile, but using complementary colors makes him vibrate like his tail.

045:365 Red

045:365 Red

Today is Valentine’s, so here’s a study of warm tones, mostly red.

Red is bright. It draws the eye. It is hot; spicy.

I’ve been under the weather today. I’m not sure what else to say. I love to play with color. This drawing made me feel less foggy-headed, but still worn down. Something more interesting will come tomorrow!

*Doesn’t photograph well. Digital Photography sensors don’t always handle certain colors well, and my iPhone doesn’t do well with either red or blue. May replace the photo tomorrow.

041:365 Comma Chameleon

041:365 Comma Chameleon by allida
041:365 Comma Chameleon, a photo by allida on Flickr.

Today was a sort of automatic drawing. Just started and kept adding color and form until it seemed done.

Someone once told me a story about an art teacher whose students did interesting work without fail, who said that the students weren’t any more talented than other students, she just knew when to stop them.

Maybe artwork can be a little like that. You just have to know when to stop.

039:365 Fingerprint

039:365 Fingerprint

A circuitous drawing today that began as an exercise in winding, but became more like a fingerprint.

I’ve often felt like it is an amazing phenomenon that we should have exactly the twists and curves on our fingers that we do. It gives me an almost mystical feeling that of all the ways chemistry could have resolved itself into my hand, that these particular swirls and whooshes should have been the ones that are my fingerprints.