016:365 Pyramids

Orange fineliner and purple marker

Pen looks like thread, colors lined like warp-dyed fabric.  A band of texture.

Today I wanted to use the oil pastels, but for some reason I picked up that orange marker.  It shines so brightly on the paper.

Trying to have more to say, but really, my mind is elsewhere.  On the rag-rug and on some other writing that I want to do today.  More tomorrow.

Geometry of Nowhere 013:365

Geometry of Nowhere 013:365

When I started this drawing, I was planning on layering, blending, mixing, smoothing, as I always do, but once I started making these shapes, they seemed too clear to blur.

The shapes create other shapes, and not always the shapes one would expect, much like life.  That funky part-triangle in the middle that runs into a rectangle, or maybe consumes it.  The other forms are obfuscated and broken.

Though I’ve said this many times before, drawing helps me clear my head.  In the last few days, I’ve locked my keys in the car twice, something that seems symptomatic of a larger confusion about where I fit in the puzzle.

As I said, I meant to blur this drawing when I started it.  But in fact, it seemed finished in it’s graphical state.   It looked like a map or an aerial view, with pieces of the puzzle fitting together.  No one piece is exactly the same, and though most are regular, they interlock in such a way as to make irregularities seem more striking and important.

Odd building blocks that evoke a city-scape, shapes that are organic, but geometric.  Maybe I should go back and do some more of my one-liner cityscapes in the next few days.  Though it makes for a varied body of work, I love jumping from one idea to the next and back.

In other news, I’m running back offline to work on my rag-rug.  More photos of that tomorrow.


004:365 Quilt

Quilt 004:365<a href=

This morning, I went to the thrift store to look for some rugs to go on the cold basement floor, and found a great sweater with lacy chevrons.  Even though it is green and this is not, the zigs and zags are what inspired this design.

Colors play with each other, but not in an op-art, solid way.  They are softer, though still battling, the boundaries between them blur with the blend of the oil-pastel.  Maybe they represent the internal battles of my current situation.

In school, they always tried to make me intellectualize the pieces I created, and I think in the grand scheme for major works of art, an additional layer of thought informs good work, but if every time one puts down media in space or on paper is an intellectual battle, then for me at least, work becomes stilted.

This piece interests me, maybe I’ll take the theme again tomorrow.

Now a design on Spoonflower! I haven’t swatched it yet, but soon I’ll swatch a group of designs.

A room of one’s own 003:365

The other project that I’ve been working on is helping my parents rehab their basement room. It has a fireplace, a nice window, and a very low ceiling. We are going to put linoleum down, we think, now that the icky carpet is gone and the floor has been cleaned. But in the meanwhile, I’ve put down some old rag rugs from the other house, and moved a table to work at into the basement.

This is a drawing of the table, With a doodle of the drawing sitting on the table:

Here is a photo of the table with the drawing of the table with the doodle of the table on it:

Having a space to work and be alone is not something I’ve had in a long time, and though this space isn’t actually my own, it is borrowed, it feels good. Unfinished floor, low ceiling, and needing a paint-job, are minor details.

The daylight filters in, and some of the plants from the garden have sneaked in through the gap between the outside cover and the light shaft. They survive despite the cold weather out there, maybe in part because of the air in the opening.

In this drawing, I loosely sketched, then wanted to play with using the oil pastels to create the feeling of the space. It is much easier to draw this small with pen o pencil, but I’m working towards a better figurative control in oil pastel since most of my work lately has been with abstraction.

Chrysanthemum 001:365

I’m actually going to cheat and do two posts today. Generally, I’m always making things, so instead of one drawing a day, which is sometimes great and sometimes not, these posts will be something I made, be it edible, wearable or just visible. Sometimes it will be progress shots, sometimes, it will be sketches, sometimes finished pieces. Sometimes I’ll say something profound, others I won’t say more than a couple words.

001:365 chrysanthemum