Wheels in Wheels

Sometimes, there’s comfort in setting a rule or a process in motion. Today’s exercise was just that: to follow the same rule from this “Sunshine” drawing but in different colors to see the effect.

The original used the rules of scribbly concentric rows of bright contrasting colors, going in perpendicular directions tangent to or bisecting an imaginary circle in more or less alternating rows. The idea being to create both a radial and an explosive movement in the drawing by enunciating the lines of force.

The resulting image has a different feel because rather than employing specific central and exterior colors, it was done in rings where warm or cool colors dominate. This new one is more like a ring of choreographed dancers or a carousel rather than a blazing sun beating across the sky.

This image emphasizes rotational force, whereas the first one emphasized an explosive force.

The other difference is that I must be in a different mood because the strokes of the pastel in this one seem more controlled, creating a quilt-like feeling.

It’s funny that once you begin to write about product and process, pieces begin to form a dialectic. These two pieces were begun with the idea of similarity, and in fact have created a two-sided conversation instead of a soliloquy.


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