Night Sky


After yesterday’s fireworks, I wanted to play some more with the night sky. So, inspired by this previous entry about photography at night, I drew this one.

It may not be finished.

It doesn’t capture the essence of the original photo, but it has it’s own charm.

One of my favorite exercises in art school was trying to make a drawing in one medium look like another medium. But it is very difficult.

There is something about the way the photo became pixelated and ombréd that hasn’t yet transferred into this drawing.

Since the photo seemed to me about the way light shapes perception, and how by pushing the boundaries of recorded light, what can be perceived is not what you see.

This exercise pushes at those boundaries but through a manual rather than a technological angle. What we see can be transferred to paper, but it is never the same as the reality. In this case, in going for abstraction, there are two levels of removal from reality.

When we talk about anything that we have experienced, there is the removal of time from the moment of perception, and then the removal of the effort of word, or in this case image, from reality.

But the moment of communication– speaking or drawing– is its own moment and can be lived as an additional experience.

Maybe that’s why I’m so excited about concentric circles. Every moment contains other moments, and yet creates its own. There is an infinity of moments in every second.

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