Radial Symmetry

Part of why these drawings end up the way they are is that as I draw, how they move is on my mind.  This short film is about the motion of the process.  In this case an in and out dance, like a Busby Berkeley choreography.

The method of layering both directly with pastel on top of pastel, and visually with stripes of color laid one after the other, is meant to emphasize the meditative nature of these drawings.  It also plays upon the rhythmic dynamics of many natural processes: waves on a shore; branches in the wind; sunrise and sunset.

Putting these drawings into a time-based form adds another deeper level of meaning to the drawings, which have a more emotional than intellectual impact on their own.

In addition, this re-mix of the video contains parts that go forward and parts that go backward to create a pulse.  The rhythm of the drawing itself is layer after layer, on top of layer.  Adding the dimension of time and mixing in a little technology allows a syncopation of the original sequence to create and emphasize the growth of each ring as significant.

The music is by my friend Milagros, who makes compositions on an electronic piano and then similarly edits them to create effects with time and tempo.

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