Textures and Motion

Recently they cut the grass along the bike path where Sydney and I walk.  Then a few days later they went up and down and trimmed all the trees.  So there was a huge pile of Norfolk Pine “leaves” laying on the ground, some of them more intact than the single needles that I’d collected before.

I picked up a little one to take home and study, realizing that I’d missed an important detail about it’s branching system.  Instead of branching from one point like a palm leaf, the needles clusters that form each “leaf” grow out from the central branch like ribs.

Seeing the needle bundle separately also made me realize that it had great potential as a piece of jewelry.  So I dug out some lovely green tweed single-twist yarn and got to crocheting.  The result is what you see above.

This attempt instantiates more of the idea I was shooting for when I made the skirt-cape thing.  Sometimes it just takes awhile to stumble on the right way of seeing something. It moves against the body, and has a confluence of roughness and softness.  Seeing the pine tree moving in the wind, it looks soft, and when it is just still, it looks rougher.

I’d say that the spark has lit a small fire, and it’s time to play.  I’m considering whether to stick to earthy colors that a pine would really sport, or if I should branch out (pun intended) into other colors.  It also could be a necklace, part of a shirt, earrings, or part of some other garment, and I’m considering how it will play with a variety of options.  Stay posted!

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