Tree Corsets

As I mentioned yesterday, doing something every day is important.  Let’s see if I can write something here every day!  With an image of some kind!!!

I’ve always loved trees with the bark peeling off.  In Michigan, those are birches.  In Spain they are mostly plane trees (plantians, which are like a beech tree).  In southern California they seem to be nearly exclusively eucalyptus trees.  A variety of colors and shapes that my mid-Western mind couldn’t imagine until I moved here.

The dog sometimes picks up the sticks as toys, and they smell amazing as she chews on them.

Maybe trees that are peeling like this are interesting because they feel like human bodies bursting from clothing.  The rugged edges of the breaks are rougher than torn cloth, more visceral. But the sinewy feel of the trunks and branches feels like taut muscles stretching towards the sunlight.

Perhaps there’s a direction I can take this beyond abstract photography.  Surface design?  Crazy structural garments?  Some sort of tent? Time will tell.

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