Urban Contrast


These are photos of the built environment.  Most of them are in Chicago, Paris, Madrid, or London, but there are a few other cities represented.  Growing up, cities always seemed so grandiose.  Something I could never touch, or live within.  Now the opposite feels more true.  It is hard to afford certain sub-urban luxuries like a car living on a low wage, and so I’ve spent most of the last twelve years living in big cities with good public transport.  The way one sees a city traveling on public transport creates a corridor of details that one knows very well.  Often going outside the well worn paths that we need to get from work to home to school and back again costs us so much time that in order to maintain interest, we find new details in things that one would never notice from a car.

These photos are put in an order to allow the viewer to compare different means of travel, and the different kinds of lifestyles on this continent, and that one.

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