Absent, but Busy

Though I haven’t been posting about it so much, this last two weeks has been busy busy busy:

I’ve updated one of the websites I design, including some new pictures that I wrote about!  That isn’t quite done, but I’m so excited about how it is progressing that I wanted to share.

And, in order to make more friends on Spoonflower, and to challenge myself I entered their “Root Vegetables” contest this week using my progress shots from Making Moroccan Carrot Salad for Rosh Hashanah.

Go vote for me 😉
Carrot Plaid


There’s also a bunch more designs up in my “shop,” though none of them are for sale yet.  I’m sort of disappointed with that.  Firstly, though probably wisely, they make you print swatches of things (5 bucks a pop is a lot when you’re BROKE) before you can sell them, and secondly, my first round of swatches got lost in the mail.  They’re sending me a second copy.  Hope it comes soon!
Breakwater 4mr

Lake Horizon Stripes

Glow Fir

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