La Mode Aquamarine

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As you can see I’ve been a busy camper. The T-shirts and dress are items I made for myself, but they are available on Etsy as custom items. You just tell me the color(s) and size you’d like for the T-shirts, and I’ll hunt down appropriate color(s) and sizes for you. The dress is limited to fabric I have in stock, and if you want one, I’ll send you swatches.

In general, my latest work has been flowy and stretchy. Perhaps it is the So-Cal zeitgeist. Perhaps I’m just feeling more casual than the last few years.

Southern California is not what I expected, and I’m not sure that I fit into the fashions. When I lived in Spain I got interested in more flamboyant fashions, and the more time I spend in Cali, the more I miss watching the people in the street walk by in such loudly trendy items. Not that people here don’t follow fashion. They most certainly do. But their following is more about status than look, which can be more subtle than the ever-changing Spanish carousel of clothes, but isn’t necessarily more beautiful.

I read an interview with Rei Kawakubo, in which she talks about how she thinks “Fashion” is boring. She wants to express things through her clothes.

To me, wearing clothes has been that way for a long time. Sometimes I want to fit in and can’t quite do it, but mostly, since I was about 10 or 11 years old, I decided that wearing more “interesting” clothes was more fun than wearing things that were currently à la mode.

That said, my current version of “interesting” isn’t the expressionism of Kawakubo’s works, though at times it has been. Lately what fascinates me is how the structure of a garment can be used both to build it and to decorate it. That’s one of the most fun parts about Fashion as an art: what one likes is alive; it follows the dynamics of personal curiosity, and the waves of social influence.

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