New-Old Drawings

Taking a look at who likes what and listening to what my Social Networks have been telling me, I decided that this 3-day weekend was the time to document and mount more Artwork on my Etsy page.


These drawings are part of a series dealing with water and its connection to the spiritual. They are meditations on something I desired but could not feel. They are ephemeral impressions of moments in time. Irretrievable moments that have passed by, but which have left an impression on my perception. Though the viewer will probably take from them something other than what I experienced, I hope that the drawings may express something about the relationship of self to the world.

There is a connection between the artist and the work as dynamic as light and shadow on the surface of water.  We strive to capture some moment that we see, which by its nature is inimitable and free.  Art is, like these drawings of ever moving water, an attempt to solidify something in motion.  Because they are abstracted, I hope that you, dear viewer, can connect to them through their visceral qualities: color, shade, line, and form.


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