Childhood Memory

It occurred to me that although I’ve posted images of it, I have not written about the dress that inspired the wrap dress series.

When I was a little girl, my mother took an old McCall’s Pattern to make me a lovely little dress that looked almost exactly like the dress in the drawing. I wore it everywhere all the time, I even remember fighting about wearing something else my mother liked better. There are photos of me in that dress somewhere, but my parents are moving and can’t find them.

This being my favorite dress, and me looking for a project to make, but having neither clear memory, nor the pattern to hand, the internet became my friend. Through hours of searching, I didn’t find it. But I did find many other patterns for which I made sketches, flats, and proposed applications of those flats into patterns. That’s where the other wrap dresses come in.

Eventually, I found McCall’s 1948, a grown-up version of my childhood dress, and tried to figure out if my mother cut it down. She is good at mixing and matching and re-sizing, but the difference in size between my three-year-old self and that pattern seemed too great. Anyway, the person selling it wanted something like $50.00 for it, so I decided that it would make the perfect exercise.

I made myself a sloper out of a paper bag from whole foods, and then I cut and turned that sloper to make the pattern. Here are my (slightly messy) technical sketches, and the final result of my labor:

[cincopa A8MAVpajoZpT]

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