101:365 Sunbather, AKA back-tracking

101:365 Sunbather, aka Backtracking

Everyone stumbles sometimes. The last few days, my routine has changed, and with it, my drawings have fallen behind. That isn’t to say that I won’t catch up… Tomorrow I plan on doing a triptych or well a series of 3 drawings.

This is based on an afternoon of warm sunbathing with Gracie. The shadows were so pretty with the orange cat and the amaryllis and easter lily shadows.

Events of significance: A new table, a new employment, and a new garment rack for my clothes. My little basement studio is looking homey.

EXCEPT, I entered my rag-rug in a contest, so the floor feels bare. If you are in the Ann Arbor area, go vote for my rug at Recycle Ann Arbor on Earthday, or thereabouts (Public voting is between 4/22-5/9). Wish me luck!

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