100:365 Watched Pot

100:365 Watched Pot

Gracie and I waiting for the pot to boil so we can have “coffee.” Also known as half-and-half for Gracie, who is a cat and should not have coffee.

Although my mother would give me iced coffee as a treat sometimes in the summer, it was never a daily staple for me until I moved to Spain. With warm milk, coffee is delicious, and that’s how they served it during the morning merienda (snack time, for lack of a better translation). At first I would drink mostly milk, but slowly, drinking coffee became a ritual.

Now, I drink all kinds of coffee, and am even considering buying myself a little tinned-copper pot to make “Turkish” coffee. I put it in quotes because many Mediterranean countries title the sweet cardamom-infused mixture variously as their own.

Anyway, with Spring approaching Gracie and I are watching not only the pot for coffee, but the weather, plants, and animals with anticipation.

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