091:365 Meditation

091:365 Meditation

This is a motif that has come up before, and I’m never quite satisfied with the result.

A figure for one reason or another portrayed as an aura.

And today, this contemplative image of a flower-petal person glowing.

I’m actually not sure who the person is. There have been enough people I know in the last year or so dealing with loss that it could be any one of them. Putting it down on paper is probably inspired by seeing a friend today. But this image has been floating there in my head for awhile, trying to find form.

This version is more successful than previous attempts, though its genesis is different (previously sensuality, currently loss or pain).

As I’ve mentioned before, many of my drawings over the last few years have been explorations or meditations on emotional states.

It all began many years ago when I began describing people that I knew in terms of what kind of fabric they felt like to me. They turned into semi-recognizable (to me anyway) prose-poems that described not just what someone looked like, but some essence that is hard to pin down.

As time has gone on, and my motivation and scope of art-making has changed, this project of trying to capture the fleeting essence of people, or their relationships has taken on other guises. The multi-layered “water” drawings I did while I lived in Madrid; or photos that I’ve manipulated and superimposed (with little success, none of these have I shown anyone).

This drawing seems like it’s getting somewhere. Enough of an image for people to connect to, with enough abstraction to convey a broader message.

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