089:365 Amaryllis Bud

089:365 Amaryllis Bud

This entry is being written a day late. This is the drawing that I meant to do yesterday but didn’t do until tonight.

In a private lesson, we’ve been looking at famous artists. We started with Van Gogh, whose sunflowers are bright and shiny, though they don’t bloom until Summer or Autumn. Then last week and this, we’ve been looking at Georgia O’Keeffe whose beautiful fields of varied color create abstracted floral forms. Her work is somewhat less approachable for Young Learners, but with the segue of looking first at Van Gogh’s recognizable, if distorted images, her work makes a good entry into looking at color blending, mixing, and theory.

Working with these drawings as well as reading through the collected letters I mentioned a day or two ago, I find inspiration in how O’Keeffe looked at the world. In photo, macro is one of my favorite ways of looking, and so perhaps now is time to explore the beauty of macro more extensively in these drawings.

Years ago, I made an attempt at drawing an amaryllis as it began growing, but the results were far from satisfactory. This more abstract version feels nicer, but because of my current focus on O’Keeffe’s work, it also feels somewhat derivative. Hopefully, derivative or not, you the viewer find some beauty in these marks on paper.

Inspiration Amaryllis Bud

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