086:365 Gracie as the Cadbury Bunny

086:365 Gracie as the Cadbury Bunny

Gracie examines my costume design for him. He is not amused.

When I was a kid, the Cadbury Creme Eggs were my favorite! I would wait patiently for Easter, hunt for my baskets, and promptly devour as many of them as I was allowed.  It should be noted that I would also wait patiently for Passover so I could eat charoset, and my birthday to eat cake,  Purim so I could eat hamantaschen, and Christmas so I could eat gingerbread.

The ads for the Cadbury Bunny Auditions were so cute. I can just picture Gracie plodding on screen and crying, “Maaaah!” as they try to coach him to cluck like a chicken.

What sorts of sweets and sweet-centered traditions did you grow up with?

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