081:365 Moving Mountains

081:365 Moving Mountains

Today’s drawing is a contemplation of illusion and space.

At first glance it is the same drawing as yesterday, but I decided to put more emphasis on analagous colors and leave only blue and orange complementary colors.

Though I didn’t notice it until the second row of blue triangles were drawn, the process ended up creating heart-shapes, an unintended side effect of the tiling process. So I decided to use the second layer to break them back up into analagous sets of triangles.

The ending effect leaves me pondering vanishing points and reflections. They look like hills and valleys, perhaps desert terrain and mountains, all vanishing into the distance with something that feels like reflections.

This drawing is a contemplation of progression in color, space, and maybe even time. Maybe I’ll turn the concept into a video of ever changing progressing colors along triangular rails that end in a vanishing point.

It almost reminds me of that Sesame Street video where the lights are sort of disco-flashy.

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