076:365 Rocker with Quilt

076:365 Rocking Chair with Quilt

Today was productive, got up early, did what needed to be done, about 20 minutes ago, that I’d forgotten to do my drawing.
076:365 Rocking Chair with Quilt

Gracie and I are already sitting in bed reading and relaxing, so I just looked across the room and sketched the rocking chair.

Sometimes the quickies are the best, and though it is just a gestural sketch, I like it a lot. Doing this kind of line work keeps me on my toes, and I noticed that I’m out of practice with observation. Maybe because I’ve been doing so much fiber and textile work instead of drawing and printmaking for the last period of time. Nevertheless, it is recognizable.

Rocking chairs are nice, and though their wood looks hard and uncomfortable, usually I find them to be engineered right to beat least comfy, if not also ergonomic.

This one, though it isn’t most beautiful one I’ve ever had, filled the need at the time it came up. I had been looking for a rocking chair, since I missed my LA rocker, and kept finding them for $75-$300. Well, at the moment that sounds like more than I can direct to a chair.

Then I went to a thrift store, on a mission to get myself some sheets for the rag rug, and found not only this rocker ($12.90!) but a gorgeous colorful sweater ($2.90!).  Of course I got some sheets too.

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