074:365 Hallo, Halo!

074;365 Halo

Yesterday evening, I went out on the town. The University of Michigan Art Museum was having an event that I heard about shortly before deciding to go.

Shadow Portrait, writ large

There’s an exhibit there of works by El Anatsui that I have wanted to see for ages. Plus, although the improvements and addition to the original building have been done for nearly five years, I hadn’t seen the new wing.

For a small local art museum, UMMA has a lot of cool stuff. I found a Turner watercolor squirreled away in one of the prints and drawings drawers. They have never had enough space to show everything at once, probably still don’t put everything out, but now there are more things on display at once than when I was a kid.

The Monet is upstairs now instead of in the first gallery to the right of the main door, which by the way isn’t the entrance anymore!

Anyway, the El Anatsui stuff is amazing, and I plan on going back to see it when there are less people around. Openings and events, despite my hopes to the contrary, are never really the time to see the art. You have to go back when there’s less noise to really get into things.

Suffice to say that I’m impressed! Go Ann Arbor! Go Blue! 😉

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