061:365 Cat Border

061:365 Cat Border

Today, I woke up early and dove into some needlework, knitting, and diagramming. Those make for very boring viewing though, so after helping friends move, doing my freelance job, and my usual daily driving, plus some unpacking and organizing of my own, I felt like something fun this evening.

Thus, doodle-cats dancing and stretching en masse.

This is a cat design that I use sometimes in example drawings with kids. They don’t necessarily think of legs and body as one unit and seeing an adult do that can help them see bodies as whole forms over time.

One of my favorite teacher-tasks is sorting kids’ drawings at the end of a term. It gets so you know who does mitten-hands, who does stick and ball ones, and who does squiggle fingers. In any given Kindergarten group, out of 160+ kids, I would most often know which kid did which drawing without looking at a name. It changes a little as they get older, because some of them figure out that they can learn by copying and so if the “class artist” or at least the student the other children perceive as the “artist” draws something, the others will copy.

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