059:365 Swoosh

059:365 Swoosh
This is the other color of the new Strathmore recycled sketch in toned paper. Tan.

It’s just a nice color, but I wanted to use more neutral colors. By this point, even with the few drawings that you’ve seen so far, you probably know that I love bright colors though, and I couldn’t resist putting in a spattering of yellow.

This morning I woke up plenty early. I should have done the drawing then. Instead, I worked on some knitting projects. So this drawing is just play, not something in particular.

Even so, I like it. It’s dynamics and color, but the toned paper lets me feel like I can leave some paper-texture showing, creating some depth to the colors.

Tomorrow I think I’ll do a Gracie drawing on this paper. Orange and brown and green on this paper should be nice!

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