057:365 Goodnight Gracie

057:365 Goodnight Gracie #adrawingaday #catagram by allida
057:365 Goodnight Gracie #adrawingaday #catagram, a photo by allida on Flickr.

Today was stormy, wet, yucky, and VERY busy, so here’s a quick sketch of Gracie.

Gracie got his name because she was a backyard cat who showed up in the summer, and every night my parents would toss her out every night saying, “Say, ‘Goodnight, Gracie!'” Then winter came and my mother took him to the vet because she was so pitiful looking in the snow and cold.

Turns out she, like 99% of orange cats, was actually a “fixed” tomcat. So Gracie is our favorite Drag Queen with slightly confused gender issues. I contend that Gracie actually knows he is a boy, but likes to “Cross-Dress” and play the girl sometimes. But who knows, he/she is a cat and can’t really tell us.

Anyway, Gracie is waiting patiently for me, and so is my cup of tea.

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