037:365 Bullseye and iteration!


037:365 Bullseye 037:365 Bullseye (edit)

Today I had a migraine.  Woke up just feeling a little funny, but it hit me as I drove home in the sunny snow.  I had a migraine.  But I got home earlier than usual, and it was beautiful outside, so I sat down right away to draw while I devoured not one but two Paczki, the jelly-donuts served by Polish Catholics in the Detroit area at this time of year to celebrate “fat Tuesday” that have bled into the weeks leading up to Mardi Gras.

Anyway, I drew my picture quickly, and as I thought, decisively.  The one on the left.  Then a few minutes later, despite having photographed it and uploaded it to Flickr already, I found myself adding and changing it.

I’ll leave it to you, the viewer to decide what you think of each.  Clearly the photograph on the left is better, since my hand moved taking the second photo, but you get the idea.

Even drawings are sometimes a journey rather than a destination.

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