Wrap Dress Fruition!

Wrap Dress Extravaganza!

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It’s been awhile since there’s been time to update.  A lot has happened.  We’ve moved to Los Angeles which means two things:

1) It’s time to look for a new job.

2) I have lots of free time to go exploring and create things.

Along both those lines, I went to the garment district, here called the fashion district.  There are tons of little shops and import-export places, but there are also a ton of fabric stores!  One of them has a “Loft” where all the fabric is $2.50 a pound.  So I got in big trouble!  I got nine pounds which was approximately 20 yards of cheap yet pretty fabric.  All of this means that I finally got to make the wrap-dresses I’ve been excited about for a year.

Here’s links to the original patterns:
Butterick 6015, Walk Away
Vogue 8159, Slip-over Apron or Dress

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