031:365 Voice

031:365 Voice

Years go by
Will I still be waiting
For somebody else to understand
Years go by
If I’m stripped of my beauty
And the orange clouds
Raining in head
Years go by
Will I choke on my tears
Till finally there is nothing left
One more casualty
You know we’re too easy Easy Easy

–Silent All These Years by Tori Amos


As we were cooking dinner I realized that I hadn’t yet done my drawing, so I rushed downstairs to my studio and found my pens.  While I waited for the fish to cook, I drew the first thing that popped into my head.

First some lines, hatches.  Then more, then more, but they didn’t stay in one place.  Eventually they became a figure, a figure that was singing.  And I realized that some of the bad dreams and sleepless nights of the last week are because I have held my expression back so long.

Much of the last year I’ve felt like this song.  Like there was something inside I wasn’t saying; wasn’t asking; wasn’t becoming.

Here’s to becoming.  Here’s to speaking.  Here’s to deciding and asking: What do I want?

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