024:365 Rag Knots

Rag Knots (photo)

024:365 Rag Knots

Today a flattened sketch of the forms made by crocheting the rag-strips for my rug.

Drawing the way the interlocked strips form separate shapes makes me think of Indra’s Net: that though we are all one long chain of being, we appear on the surface to be separate entities with separate strivings, dreams, and hopes.

It helps me see that though sometimes I feel powerless, sometimes it is just that I can’t see my connection to the fabric of the world. This is something that I often forget, that I am interdependent with the world, as Thich Nhat Hanh puts it.

In other news:
Busy day for me, running around getting more sheets for this and maybe another project, helping a friend hunt shelves, and finding myself a rocking chair:

Newest addition to my studio

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