023:365 Splashing

Splashing 023:365

Today I wanted to play with some of the waves structures I use in oil pastel in a more linear way. The transparency of the marker plays differently than the translucency and opacity of the oil pastel, and the result is interesting.

Years ago, I showed a doodle in progress to another artist friend. She asked me what my drawing was about, and I told her it was just a doodle. She said, “But what are you doing in it? You must have a rule or an order in mind when you did it.”

She was right, of course. That drawing was an interlocking blob from a single line kind of drawing. Since then I think about those rules and orders more explicitly. As I was saying yesterday, making work that is process oriented is inspired in part by my passion for textiles and fiber arts, but it is also a matter of curiosity about how the world works.

Thinking about how things go together and come apart helps me to make better decisions, and to understand relationships between more complex things, like politics and money. Doodling may seem like a simplistic task, putting colors or forms down on paper with no purpose. But it serves the purpose of solidifying mental images and aids in processing ideas.

Teachers often use idea maps, drawings that are diagrammatic versions of ideas, timelines, philosophy, and thoughts. In school, I used to draw doodles during class mixed in with my notes, but I was fortunate enough to have teachers who understood that it helped me remember things.

Even to this day, drawing helps me clear my head. It is a form of meditation.

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