004:365 Quilt

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This morning, I went to the thrift store to look for some rugs to go on the cold basement floor, and found a great sweater with lacy chevrons.  Even though it is green and this is not, the zigs and zags are what inspired this design.

Colors play with each other, but not in an op-art, solid way.  They are softer, though still battling, the boundaries between them blur with the blend of the oil-pastel.  Maybe they represent the internal battles of my current situation.

In school, they always tried to make me intellectualize the pieces I created, and I think in the grand scheme for major works of art, an additional layer of thought informs good work, but if every time one puts down media in space or on paper is an intellectual battle, then for me at least, work becomes stilted.

This piece interests me, maybe I’ll take the theme again tomorrow.

Now a design on Spoonflower! I haven’t swatched it yet, but soon I’ll swatch a group of designs.

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