Snowflake 002:365

02:365 snowflake

When I was about 10, I begged for one of those pocket microscopes to look at things up close in nature. At the time, I thought science was the only place where I’d get the answers I was looking for in the world. Now, I don’t rule any form of looking and learning out of exploration.

I loved to see the textures of things under the microscope in Biology class. With my little microscope, I’d go around looking at leaves and flowers; snow and ice. It was one of my first introductions to patterns in the world.

Being recently returned to the frigid north, I’ve been browsing online photos of snow, making snow-sculptures, and admiring the annoying crystals that appear on the windshield on a daily basis. This is just a sketch, but maybe I’ll run with it a few days and work some designs up to go on Spoonflower.

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