Tee-Shirt Re-mix

[cincopa AkIA5aaWU-hS]

By cutting and looping you can create great effects that allow for drapey or fluffy Tees that follow todays trends!

Some of these shirts were made last summer when the idea first occurred to me, and  two were made this week.

A long time ago, I saw a girl at a bar with a T-shirt similarly “knitted” but the holes were much bigger, which gave a sexier, less work-safe look.  These use the same technique of cutting lines and looping them together, but with the end of changing the shape of the shirt without revealing skin, so these ideas could be used for work or family fun, not just at the club.

With as many differently draped T-shirts floating around in the world of trendiness, these make a cheap solution: buy cheap Tees from the thrift store or use your male loved-ones’ cast-offs to create something out of the ordinary.

I’ve always liked recycling because it forces a kind of creativity that cutting from whole-cloth doesn’t.  It makes you work within such strict pre-cut dimensions that creating something that looks genuinely new is not always easy, and this project has made me stretch my technical acumen.  I’ve learned that making-do can be as rewarding as making-new!

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