A few weeks ago, I dug up a symmetry exercise I did with the children in one of my private lessons.

Today, I decided to use the same exercise to guide my thoughts, while I was drawing.

One of the things I love about creating artwork is the kind of order it imposes upon ones thoughts. While drawing, knitting, sewing, folding, or performing other manual processes, there is a moment at which my concentration goes directly into achieving a symphonic result.

By orchestrating the various physical actions, a rhythm also goes into the mind. Like breathing exercises in meditation, the concentration on even, or otherwise controlled repetition, allows a deeper connection to one’s psyche.

The more rational the pattern, the deeper the connection.

Not to discount the cathartic nature of producing a visual product, but by controlling the process, many times, the passions underlying any given moment can come to the surface, and at the end of the drawing, may leave a visual artifact of the state of mind.

By making substantial an ephemeral moment, it allows me the leisure to analyze my feelings at a later time.

In the case of this drawing, I think that there is a battle in my mind about what I desire, and those things about which I feel a responsibility or obligation. The harmony I see expressed in this symmetrical drawing gives me hope that I can find a balance between the two which has been elusive in the past few months.

In a class I took at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, a series of our projects was about the tension between fear and desire in public space brought forth more rational meditations about my place in the world, and I hope that I am entering a similar challenge.

I am learning to let myself shine, as the figures mirrored above.

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